65% of your emails to past customers are read on the go. Seize their impulse with 2-click FastBuy so they can purchase in seconds.

In Mobile Moments, every tap counts

You've crafted the perfect personalized email to your customers. They've clicked through to your mobile-optimized site and are excited to buy. Don't lose that moment to a long checkout process where every extra click on unreliable mobile connections can lose that sale.

Turn every impulse into a sale with the FastBuy button

The FastBuy button on your product detail or landing page is only shown to returning customers who clicked through from your emails, Facebook ads, etc. For products without size or color options, the button can be placed right in the email or ad itself.

How FastBuy Works

When the shopper taps on the button, the product is added to your cart and the shopper instantly receives a text message with a link to confirm order.


The shopper taps on the link in the text message, CardPass logs the shopper into your site and the shopper can now place the order with just one tap:


CardPass FastBuy uses your existing checkout flow to complete the order in the background. No changes or integration work is required.

Ignite your Replenishment or Upsell campaigns with FastBuy 2-click checkout

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